SJTU Payment Tutorial

SJTU Online Payment Step-by-Step Tutorial


1. Enter your full name (should be the same as in your registration email) and select appropriate payment amount.



2. Select payment type (the first two groups are mostly for domestic payers, e.g. the popular "Wechat" payment system is now supported). Go straight to Visa/Master/JCB/AMEX section for international payers.

* if you need to change the name of payer (e.g. someone else is paying on behalf or the payer needs to be an organization instead of a person), select "Change the receipt/invoice payer" and enter a new name. Please note that it will take a few days for the payment confirmation to be sent. If you need a specialized receipt/invoice, notify us at


3. Double check everything (for foreign credit cards, there will be a surcharge for about 3%) and enter card info. Note that the payment details will be sent via 128 bit encryption on a *secure* payment site (as seen below, if you land on a different page, switch to a different browser or computer and try again).


4. After payment submission, it will go through the card verification process and a successful payment will redirect you back to the conference website with the following payment summary. 

Occasionally the payment process may fail, this is usually due to restrictions from the card issuing bank (many banks are alert to international online transactions and regard them high risk). You might want to try a different card if possible (before you switch, better make sure that the first card has not been charged yet), or call the bank to get it solved.

The above Chinese phrase means "Payment failure  (error hint: signature error)" --- the error hint is actually somewhat misleading since online payments cannot be verified by signature anyway. Indeed this is a bank restriction problem, call your bank or change to another card.

Again, the error message ("System Error") is not very descriptive. It is similar to the case above and normally can be solved by contacting the bank or simply switching to a different card. 

Ok, this one is very simple: "Please Contact Bank".

If you are having persistent problems with online payment and cannot solve it with your bank, please let us know and we will help (so far we have seen ~99% success rate though).

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