Call for Expressions of Interest for future editions of LHCP

The LHCP Organising Committee announces a Call for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for future LHCP conferences in the years of 2019 and 2020.

The deadline for submitting the EOIs for LHCP-2019 is March 15, 2017. We expect presentations of these proposals at the IAC meeting which will take place on May 18th in Shanghai, during LHCP-2017.

The timing of the LHCP-2019 is expected to be within the period of May 15th - June 15th 2019, preferably avoiding the CERN Council week, and we should not plan to go beyond 500 participants.

If the number of proposals is too large (5 or more in the same year) a pre-selection procedure may be arranged before the IAC meeting and a short-list of the selected proposals may be created. Further details will be communicated to all the proponents soon after the deadline.

The conference format is expected to be similar to the format of the previous LHCP conferences (Barcelona, NYC, St-Petersburg, Lund). The decision about the site and time of the LHCP-2019 will be approved by the LHCP-2017 IAC and is expected to be announced at the end of the LHCP-2017 conference. Following our previous agreement, the Americas are the preferred region in 2019, while Europe will be the prefered region for 2020. As a reminder, Bologna will host LHCP-2018.

While this year's decision will be only about the site of LHCP-2019, it would be preferable to have first (even short) EOIs for the 2020 LHCP conference as well, following the same deadline, to be briefly reviewed in Shanghai. There will be no preselection for 2020 this time, but submitting an EOI in 2017 will be considered positively for the final selection in 2018.

For further details, feel free to contact the IAC and LHCP-2016 institutional Chairs.

The Fifth Annual Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics