The plan is to publish conference proceedings for all plenary, parallel talks and posters. 
The proceedings of the LHCP2017 will be published online on eConf.
Suggested page limits, including the title page:
  • 8 pages for plenary talks
  • 6 pages for parallel talks
  • 4 pages for posters
The papers for the proceedings should be prepared using the following latex template:
After the paper is prepared, it must be submitted to the eprint arXiv.
After the paper is accepted by arXiv, the speaker should upload a link to the arXiv paper in their contribution in the Indico.
All contributions are subject to review by the conference organizers.
- Before submission to arXiv, papers of experimental contributions should have gone through internal reviews by experiments.  
- Papers of theory contributions will be reviewed with the help from parallel session conveners and the program committee soon after the submission. 
- Papers of poster contributions from local participants should be reviewed by the local organizer committee and local representatives of the program committee soon after the submission. 
The deadline for the proceedings submission is September 1, 2017.


The Fifth Annual Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics