Travel to conference

The conference will be held at Xuhui Campus (downtown area) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The university has seven campuses, Xuhui is one of the two main campuses, another one is Minhang Campus (southwest area of Shanghai city). 

For the comprehensive travel information including map of Shanghai, Shanghai airports, railway, metro and bus stations, please refer to the university travel guide.

As a convenient and economical way of keeping in contact while travelling, consider purchasing a SIM card at the airport (arrival hall, near luggage area) with a small cost (50-100 RMB varied by carrier, minutes and data etc.).

We recommend participants to take taxi to the conference site. Taxi is in general not expensive (tips are not required). DiDi (and Uber before the takeover) is also very popular in China.


Taxi information:

To SJTU Xuhui Campus

Ÿ  From Pudong International Airport (PVG) :

Taxi -cost ~ RMB 170 (about 50 minutes, 50 KM, off-peak)

Ÿ   From Hongqiao Airport (SHA):

Taxi -cost ~ RMB 55 (about 30 minutes, 15 KM, off-peak)

Ÿ   From Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station:

Taxi -cost ~ RMB 55 (about 30 minutes,  15 KM, off-peak)

Ÿ   From Shanghai Railway Station:

Taxi -cost ~ RMB 30 (about 30 minutes, 10 KM, off-peak)


Transportation Card:

For your convenience, we will provide the Shanghai transportation card (prepaid) for you to purchase on-site at registration desk, you can use the card to take Subway, Bus, Taxi and Ferry in the city and around.


Emergency Contact:

Ms. Gang He      Tel: 18001648002

Ms. FangjingCai  Tel: 18917598386


You may show taxi driver the following directions in Chinese to help with the communication.


The Fifth Annual Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics